15 Foot Tank To Be Built

Friday 13th November, action against heckler and koch!

After the success of the 25 foot rifle demo to the Nottingham home of gun manufacturer Heckler and Koch on Friday the 13th November just past, Nottingham Arms Dump are now declaring the building of a 15 foot tank to be marched to Chillwell Army Barracks, Nottingham.

The tank will symbolise anti-militarist views towards all wars, imparticular the complete and utter disastrous activity of the British Army in all the wars it wages everyday around the world.

It will be marched to the Chillwell Barracks of the British Army, from where hundreds of troops leave to go and bomb and kill innocent families.  Some of those troops get killed, and that blood is on the hands of not only their murderers who pulled the trigger or planted the bomb, but also the hands of all the politicians and voters who support the wars that the goverment wages.

Wars must be stopped if peace is ever to flourish on the Earth.

The 15 foot tank will be built to symbolise efforts by anti-war campaigners and peace activists, as well as anarchists, communists and other socialists that oppose wars.